Dear Ginny,

As you might know, I finished high school a couple of months ago and have been lazing around since then (well, not really but I definitely don’t have anything to show for those months).

Well, I got a job. It’s slightly less than full-time, but a decent job. It pays quite well, by which I mean above minimum wage, and the job is mainly basic.

It sucks. I hate it. I hate it so much.

I got no training. They believe in “training on the job”. It’s ridiculous. There is nobody overlooking how I’m doing, if I know everything I need to. If a customer wants something a little more complicated, I’ll ask someone else and most times, they’ll just take over and do it because it’s always busy in the store. And this means I have no clue how to do some things. It’s kinda humiliating and some of the people are really mean.

I just can’t get over that this is my life. Working for hours and waiting for the minute I can go home and then being way too tired to do anything. It feels like I’ve jumped into something I can’t quite handle. Adult life. It sucks lol.

Love from Carter


second adult milestone, hip hip

Dear Ginny,

The first adult milestone is obviously becoming an adult. That’s done (I turned 18 an unspecified number of years ago).

Second is graduating high school! I know most people finish high school before they become adults but I did not, because of the UC (we’ve discussed this before, keep up).

I feel strange. My last exam was yesterday at which point I am officially released lol. So I’ve had some time to deal with it but also, not really, it’s only been a day. Yesterday, after my exam, I was sitting in my room, listening to music and relaxing. I didn’t really have anything to do. But then I went to check my emails, and I had an email from myself!

I haven’t discussed this on the blog before, but I use this website called It’s really simple to use (you guys should definitely use it) and the idea is that you can send an email to yourself in the future. Even 50 years in the future.

So I had this email, and the first line was “DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! YOU’RE DONE!” and I started crying! And at that moment, Simple Song by The Shins started playing and this song always reminds me of the season 8 finale episode of HIMYM, when everybody is reaching a different stage of their lives. And I BAWLED. LIKE A BABY.

I just can’t quite believe I’m in the position, that I’m actually done. I don’t know what to do. And all this freedom is so exciting, all this potential. But it’s also daunting, isn’t it?

I hope you have more purpose in life than I do lol.

Lots of love,


c’mon marianne

Dear Ginny,

Well, it happened. The event that I’ve been looking forward to for /months/ finally came and it was every bit of perfection I had imagined it to be (even exceeding my expectations, to be perfectly honest).

I finally went to watch Jersey Boys! I do live in London so this was the West End version and oh, it was so good. I had been wanting to watch it since summer when I chose to watch The Spoils instead of Jersey Boys (stupid choice, hindsight’s 20/20). It was kind of an impulsive decision to buy the tickets too which makes it even more fun. I just didn’t want to wait any longer, especially because Jersey Boys is closing next year (boooo!).

This was my first time watching a musical live ever, and like with The Spoils, I went alone. The Piccadilly Theatre is so beautiful. The highlight, obviously, was the show. The day I went – the 12th of November – Dayle Hodge was playing Frankie Valli (there’s two understudies for Frankie and I think they take turns to do the Saturday matinee). His voice is /crazy/ good. Especially when coupled with Matt Hunt’s voice who plays Nick Massi. The other two Jersey Boys: Simon Bailey who plays a solid Tommy Devito and Declan Egan who is possibly my favourite Jersey Boy as Bob Gaudio.

The songs themselves ranged from more well-known songs like Sherry and December ’63 to songs that I hadn’t personally heard prior. What’s pretty cool is that they perform the songs during the events that inspired it. One of my favourite musical bits in the show is when the boys first sing together as a group, very casually just to test how they sound. Spoiler – they sound so beautiful.

The plot didn’t shy away from the tougher stuff like Tommy’s money issues or Frankie’s relationships breaking down. Even so, by the end of the musical, it was like a party in the theatre. I was thinking about it yesterday and I hadn’t realised this at the time – the fact that I felt included in this party and this environment despite me sitting alone in the second last row of the theatre. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish and I’d like to thank everybody that works on Jersey Boys for that.

I don’t know if this is typical of all West End musicals but I was very nicely surprised by all the little details and how in sync everything was. The way the boys would dance when they were singing and the rest of the company being so perfect with their movements. The lighting and the backdrop too. I think my all-time favourite moment is when the boys turn around and they use the backdrop to make it seem like we, the audience, are actually behind them on a stage. Like they’re on a stage performing to an audience on the other side. I’m hoping to get in a few more performances before Jersey Boys ends its run and I’d highly recommend you do the same 🙂


P.S at the end, when they pose in that signature Jersey Boys pose, it looked like Dayle Hodge was actually pointing at me! 😮 I know this is very unlikely because I must’ve been a little dot to him and that’s if he could see me at all lol but I thought that was a pretty special moment.


Dear Ginny,

It’s wednesday today but I do have exciting news from the past week.

On thursday last week, I had lunch and – get this – then went outside for a lesson. Me! I actually ATE and THEN WENT OUTSIDE. I know that sounds ridiculous, and part of it is funny because it is ridiculous but I haven’t done that in about 2 years. Two things to keep in mind;

  1. I did go to the bathroom a good amount of time before I left for my lesson (to poop incase you don’t understand my brand of vague).
  2. It was only one one-hour lesson. Factoring in travel time, that’s ~2 hours. A relatively short time.

So no, I didn’t actually poop at school (that maybe would’ve been too much for me to handle). But this is crucial progress. It was a pretty big lunch too lol.

Second of all, some LOooOveeE. Or atleast, something vAGueLy sExuAl. In my school, the social gap between the years is pretty strict. Not enforced by anyone, but nobody wants to talk to someone in the year below and so when someone becomes friends with someone in a different year, everyone is weirded out. When someone is in a relationship with someone in a different year, it’s even stranger. Even stranger (not for any real reason, just because we’ve all been conditioned by society to think so) is when the girl is older. I know – scandalous.

Well, there’s this girl in the year above me (I used to be in that year and I know her pretty well) and she’s started going out with a boy in my year. I was a little freaked out at first but then I realised that there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m just being a little stupid. So that was okay.

So the second part is that, there’s this boy in my year. He’s cute, seems nice enough but honestly, he is way out of my league. So sometimes, I see him and it’s like all this sExuAl teNsiOn between us. Yesterday, I was in school, and I was walking down the stairs. It was lunch so it was pretty crowded. When I got to the bottom of said stairs, there was a gap so I slid in (not literally). Just then, the boy infront of me decided to stop and shout something to a friend on the other side of the crowd. I obviously stopped aswell, but guess who didn’t? The boy behind me. He pretty much walked into me, he was so close I could feel his entire body against me for a second. My initial reaction was “ugh wtf” but then he said sorry so I looked back and it was THE boy. I quickly mumbled a quick “it’s fine” and went on my way.

Several things to discuss here:

  1. Oh my god, am I exaggerating how important this is? I’m pretty sure I am. But you’ve been young before, you know how to get excited over every little interaction and dissect every single glance shared.
  2. There was a noticeable gap between when I stopped and when tHe BoY walked into me. This could be explained easily by “he wasn’t paying attention, it was an accident jesus chill out m8”). I didn’t actually realise this at first hahaha, but the other explanation is that he did it on purpose? maaaybe? Now, I recognize that that is absolutely crazy – “man, I am just gonna walk straight into her” but idk, maaaybe? I’m being ridiculous, oh my god, but STILL.
  3. When he said sorry, he was on my left. Although this is my better side, I think I may have looked ugly because of the angle. He was literally behind my left shoulder. And I didn’t turn fully to look at him, I basically peeked at him. Fuck. I’m going into hiding fuck, he’s just so nice. I’m so embarrassed.

Okay, I’m done.

From Carter.