Aesthetic of decades past

14th March 2016

Dear Ginny,

I knoww – two letters in one day! Are you getting bored of me yet? I thought I’d better make one of those other posts I was talking about. Half because I really do want to write about it but also because I didn’t want to leave things hanging with my sad, sad previous post. I don’t want to leave you thinking I’m unhappy because I’m not. The sun is shining (pretend I’m writing this four hours ago) and all (that could be) is right in the world.

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I love the aesthetic of decades past. I was going to make a nice three point sentence of examples but I’m going to make a list:

The forties: The hair! Victory rolls and shorter, cuter hair. I would do this kind of hair every single day if I had the skill. Also, the outfits. It’s right up my alleyway – the structured, preppy utilitarian style is probably something I wear quite often in my day to day life.

The fifties: The hair, obviously. Still short and cute but more “prettier”. The thing that stands out to me about the fifties is the clothing. I love the house-wife aesthetic. Midi skirts and pretty blouses tucked in.

The 60’s: I’m gonna be honest, if there’s one decade that I shy away from, it’s this one. I love beehives and the like but I think mod dresses are more wearable and holds less risk of being too “costume-y”.

The 70’s: Everything. Literally everything. The long, wavy and flowing locks. The boho chic blouses and jeans. Jeans, jeans and jeans – I love me some flared jeans! I think part of the charm of the 70’s that I’ve been so seduced by is that everything about it is so chillll. The teenage rebellion, the sexual revolution. If I could be anyone in the history of everything, I’d be a white teenage kid in the 70’s.

The 80’s: HA. The 80’s have a reputation – and rightly so. Even then, you have to admire the sheer determination to be the brightest and loudest person in the room. I wouldn’t necessarily wear alot of the stereotypical 80’s clothes but god, they do make a statement, don’t they?!

The 90’s: I love the whole aesthetic. The grungy clothes and the muted colours. It was probably overcompensating for the 80’s, right?

No list for the noughties because it includes some of the most cringest fashion ever lol. The point is that I love those 50 years of fashion and one of the best ways of getting an authentic style guide is by watching movies from that decade. (That is what this letter was going to be about originally, but that’s for tomorrow now.)

Tomorrow’s letter is FOR SURE going to be about those movies I watched, promise!

From Carter


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