Both feet in

10th March 2016

Dear Ginny,

I’m breaking my own rule here, I’m going to tell you about me.

I go to therapy in school. I hadn’t even known there’s a therapist in school but apparently that’s a secret saved only for the most messed up kids. Not that I’m messed up but there’s a certain something in knowing that exclusive little secret.

Part of the reason I like therapy is probably because the narcissist side of me loves it. Why wouldn’t I? Talking about myself for an hour. That’s brilliant. It’s the same reason I’m writing in this blog. I love talking. And I especially love talking about myself.

The more major reason is because it’s therapy, for god’s sake. It’s so useful to see points from an alternate POV. It’s strange. Even as I’m telling my therapist things, I can see how she’s seeing it. Imagine seeing everything in your life from a third-person perspective, how useful that would be. No loyalty or intimidation to anyone or anything.

I actually just got out of therapy 15 minutes ago. Would you like to hear what we discussed?

From Carter


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